Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Monoprint Process for Anaheim Show

For the upcoming show at the Promenade Gallery in Downtown Anaheim,  I've been working non-stop developing a new approach to printmaking.  I've finally settled on mono-printing over ink drawing onto wood. I paint the image in reverse onto clear plastic and press it onto the wood using my palm press.

I am using this process to create a series about the streetlighting yard in East Hollywood.  This piece was printed on wood that has a tire track on it.  I like it because it references the street and printmaking.    


Streetlamp Yard 1.  Same technique on paper:


DTlover said...

Thats pretty!!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Congratulations on your show. My strange circumstance it appears I know your father through John and Margarete. Ran into them after your opening