Friday, May 13, 2011

Machines and Art on the Downtown L.A. Art Walk

Most people don't realize that the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk begins early in the afternoon. To truly experience Downtown L.A., with it's boarded up Deco buildings and fascinating mix of people from every walk of life, you've got to get there before night falls.

I began the afternoon by visiting my machine paintings at The Hive Gallery.

Next, I visited the Cb1 Gallery, where Susan Silas sang a song I hadn't heard before.  Something she remembered from watching TV in the 60s.

En route to the next gallery, I found a machine that speaks Spanish.

At the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, John F. Walte's "Flower" is the first work to resemble video game imagery to make me look twice. (top left)

But, for me, the fire hose stole the show:

On the way out, the stark shadow of the street lamp caught my eye.

I left the Downtown Art Walk in style before 7pm.

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