Sunday, May 15, 2011

Printmaking at the Anaheim Art Crawl

I was one of many artists invited to demonstrate my process live to add color to the Anaheim Art Crawl.  Artists spent the evening painting in the cool Anaheim breeze, instead of in the studio.  I paint very slowly, so I decided to demonstrate printmaking without a printing press, instead. People were very interested in printmaking, and enjoyed watching me use my own strength to press the ink from the plate onto the paper.  Several people took home the prints that they saw pressed.

The paper was soaked in a tray on the ground, dried using the towel in the picture, and hand pressed on the table. 

Prints were pinned to the palm tree to dry.

This sprinker caught my eye on my way to see what some of the other artists were up to.

Live painters were stationed every few yards at the art crawl experience.  Angie Jones' large oil paintings of crow people received a lot of attention.

Phil Santos has been painting images that haven't been pointed out yet, like old video store signs.  In this photo, he is working on a painting of a truck.  The graffiti that covers the truck was painted in after the photo was taken.

People passing by Scott Holmes' painting caught a rare glimpse of the loose, painterly underpainting mingling with the thick brushstrokes that make up his final works.

Some of my prints are for sale here.  Contact me if you're looking for a print made the night of the art crawl.


becca creative artistry said...


I love your prints! I miss print making. I took the class in college and loved it but haven't done it since. Do you have a blog discussing how you hand make them?
I'm working with watercolor right now but would love to dive back into printmaking next.


Diana Kohne said...

Hi Becca,
I'm planning on making a post that explains my process very soon. I really love hand pressing my prints, so I don't think I'll be investing in a normal press. I switched to water based ink, and my prints are coming out better than they did when I took printmaking in college.