Monday, June 27, 2011

CreativeLA at the James Gray Gallery at Bergamot Station

ThinkLA teamed up with the Advertising Relief Fund and 24 Seven Inc. to put on CreativeLA, a unique benefit that was not at the expense of the artist.  CreativeLA's sensible approach to the art charity event should be the new model.  They operate as an art gallery.  The first event was held on a sunny Sunday afternoon at the James Gray Gallery in Bergamot Station.

Participants were advertising groups showcasing work by staff members, organizations that have teamed up with ThinkLA, like the Light Bringer Project, and supportive free-lance individuals, like me.

First Impressions
My first impression was this visually pleasing group of art work.  Sasha Karlova's Floatation (right).

 The Gary Group Room

I was drawn to Tim Wojtowicz's Sketchy 2.

These gags by Kevin Butler were fun.. 

Interesting sculpture.

Other Rooms

 Light Bringer Project artist Julie Klima's colorful photo The Garden of Lolitas.  See more of Klima's colorful photography here:

My L.A. River Tower 1b etching on found wood & painting Machine 4-2 (right).

My only complaint concerns the number of pieces that were stretched with part of the image wrapped around the side of the stretcher bars.  You owe it to your work to build what it needs.  Many artworks were digitally created and printed out.  Buyers seemed to find more appeal in work that had evidence of the artist's hand, but, that might not be the way of the future.

The 21st Century Digital Boys.

note: I lost images containing information about several pieces.  If you know artist names, please contact me.  

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